Friday, October 2, 2009

Why can’t we?

Recently I watched a movie named ‘casino’. After seeing it, something occurred to me.... This film was all about Las Vegas, the casino world & how people fight to make it to the top. So at the end, the film was all about backstabbing each other.

After a long 2hrs n 40min of watching I want to share something with you guys...

Is backstabbing a naturally acquired taste of every human being? I mean we all hear people say:
“We hate people with two faces!!” and all that stuff.... Even I utter the same lines sometimes. But perhaps at the days end we all end up backstabbing each other...
but why? Maybe we don’t know the answer, or maybe we all know...

We all have our feet on a clay field, so we feel uncomfortable whenever attention is drawn to our base. We all have certain drawbacks, no one is perfect. Every human being has certain negativity blended with positivity.

It is my realisation that, say we meet someone and become good acquaintances. Initially we get attracted to each other, of course seeing certain good characteristics of each other. But as days pass by and we get closer, we come to know each other in a much better way. We realise the other aspects, other shades of that person. We may like it or hate it.

If we like it, it’s ok. But what happens if it’s the other way around?

The answer is simple. There comes a crack in relationship. It just shatters… We blame each other unreasonably… We think, “Was it the same person I liked???”

My q is that why can’t we all accept the fact that we all have certain negative aspects and can do nothing about it except trying our best to correct them. Perhaps there is no single person living/dead who doesn’t/didn’t have negative aspects.

So, my point is simple, if we could just accept this single fact & cooperate or better to say compromise a bit, perhaps there wouldn’t have been so many cracks in friendship or relationship like we all see around us.

I donno whether I am right or wrong. But this is the way I think. What do you think?
Feel free to comment…

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