Tuesday, December 1, 2009


When we stop fighting for each other that is when we loose humanity


The year on which the world ends...

The film kicks of from India, the realization of the fact that the time of extreme devastation has come.
The earth's crust is destabilizing
The storyline is damn fast, once you get engrossed, no way you'll want to leave your seat..The film grasps you, holds you, till the very end...
Direction is damn good & honestly no comments on the special effects!!!
Roland Emmerich (the director) does a fine job. He portrays nearly every part of the crisis..
Mind blowing special effects & heart stopping suspense embellishes the film.

But, not to miss the humanitarian side.

You see, the film also draws our attention to a dark side..
The team leaders gathered here to fight against this calamity didn't let normal people know about the raw fact. Instead whoever came to know of the reality was executed..
I donno why the leaders decided to do so. May be to stop people from panicking..

But KILLING?? & that too at the time like this??
In the movie Oliver Platt addresses these dead people as "Enemy of Humanity"!!
I doubt what exactly crossed his mind.

We also see tickets being sold at a price of 1 billion Euros. Naturally, it was a luxury only the rich could afford it. No doubt the whole thing was kept top secret. The end was near & all they could think of was money (after all, they are human beings)

Even Adrian was shocked, seeing his room in that savior ship. That the vast space it consumed, his room alone could easily accommodate 10 more people.
He receives a call from his friend in India, who later became the victim of the rage of nature. In spite of being the first to anticipate this calamity..

John Cusack plays a wonderful role, from beginning to end.Oliver Platt plays a man with logics. He believes in certain rules & regulations and thus acts accordingly..
But being logical is a part of machine life, not human..

Being human means to have feelings, to care, to share...

So, as a result, like all films, the leaders of different countries finally realize the fact and ordered to open the
doors of that so called 'Noah's Ark' like ship so that more people can be accommodated..

However, the end ends with a hope. The water has stabilized, no more turbulence.. people on the ship are expecting to start there lives again soon..

but above all, what caught my attention was the last scene where Cusack's son asks him that when will they be home..

Cusack replies that,wherever,

'They' are all together,

it will be always home...

So true...

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